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luminous being
19 August 2010 @ 01:35 am
the that's my favorite! meme

I really want to be able to start writing a bit more, like I used to be able to :(

Also, David Bowie has stolen my soul, once again, and I am enjoying a massive overdose in music by him that I have not heard before. Hooray :D
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luminous being
12 May 2010 @ 10:17 am


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luminous being
09 February 2010 @ 11:10 pm
Cleaned up my f-list a bit, removed some comms, and some people. Those that I've lost touch with, or just never really clicked with, or it's been so long that I don't really remember who you are >> It's nothing personal, and it was nice knowing you whilst I did ♥

This is also a chance for anyone who might have the inclination to remove me to do so.

If I made a mistake, please tell me!
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luminous being
21 June 2009 @ 10:38 pm
Did a small friends cut. We just never clicked, that's no ones fault, it happens. No hard feelings ♥
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luminous being
06 February 2009 @ 03:18 pm
Posting these here because this was just a fun little thing (and I don't make enough icons to warrant a comm right now XD)

Icon battle with bulgocrazyi for kleuren.
We each had to pick 10 images of our own, and then both had to icon them all!

so 20 icons featuring: DBSK, SuJu, SNSD, SS501, Yamapi, Pokemon, Lee Hyori, Ayumi Hamasaki and Jared Padalecki.

Wooooo guess who can't make icons anymore 8DCollapse )
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luminous being
02 January 2009 @ 11:48 am
the fanficcers love meme, continued

Everyone else is doing it? I need some encouragement to start writing again? XD
I don't actually expect anything, I'm not one of those popular writers with memorable fics, but whatever XD

(also, omgomgomg, so excited about the Soshi mini-album, SO EXCITED!!!!)
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luminous being
04 November 2008 @ 09:52 am

I just about never do these things, but I put my name down on this one. Maybe it will help me be able to write again :(

Also, MapleStory has sucked my life and freetime away. I love it.

I wish people would think to use the tags. That is why we have them, after all D: /random
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luminous being
04 August 2008 @ 02:48 pm


So everyone who knows me and is also involved in SuJu fandom ought to know by now how crazy hardcore I ship ShiHae. It is one of my OTPs (yes, I have multiple SuJu OTPs and it works OKAY) and I have been in love with them since almost forever. I can't remember how or why, but I just remember for quite a while, back in the beginning of my love/the fandom, that the thought of this pairing just sort of snuck up on me, and I shipped it secretly for ages until I decided that HEY THEY ARE AWESOME AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS TOO.

They are awesomely awesome, too. And I feel like spreading the love in hopes that everyone else will realise just how awesome they are and start writing wonderful fics for them too!

So I'm going to spam you all with my favourite ShiHae gifs, pics, clips and fics! and then random additional spazzing at the end! :D:D:D

uh IMAGE HEAVY, and I'm not resizing any of the pics behind the cut, LET IT LOAD.

gifs gifs gifs galoreeeeeeCollapse )

pictorial proof of why ShiHae rockCollapse )

videos and fic links!Collapse )

This has cheered me up quite a bit since yesterday. And I have no idea if this is a good spam or what, but if it is, feel free to pimp it out, I NEED CONVERTS FOR THIS PAIRING.

I'm so insane, I spent like, 4 hours putting this all together. My life, I have none.
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luminous being
03 May 2008 @ 10:27 pm

Yeah, back to friends only. Please comment if you'd like to be added, or else I won't know to add you~ But I'm always happy to make new friends~! ^^
(This is nothing to those already on my flist xD; and I'm not doing a cut!)

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